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Join the Love the Planet Litter Picking Journey to Earn Points!


Hey gang! Let's take a second to talk about the UK's litter problem, how we want to help and how you can get involved (and earn some Love the Planet points to spend along the way!)...

Here at Love the Planet, our aim is to help our customers reduce plastic waste in their beauty routine. Last year, however, we realised we wanted to find additional ways to get involved and lead by example!

We've been inspired by @keepbritaintidy's #litterheroes campaign. Did you know that every day, more than 2 million pieces of litter are dropped (source - Keep Britain Tidy) - that is an impossible figure to get your head around. Our beautiful countryside and beaches are being impacted, as well as the towns and cities we live in. It's not only affecting us, but it's affecting our wildlife too. It's a massive problem. Litter picking, then, is a really important way to help the environment.

In Scotland, where Love the Planet is based, an average of 475 pieces of litter are dropped every minute. While in England, 30 million tons of rubbish is collected from the streets every year. The most common items dropped, according to Zero Waste Scotland, are food, food packaging, cigarette butts and chewing gum. Just think how much food packaging is single use plastic. These items can have serious effects on our animal friends, as noted by the RSPCA:

"The RSPCA receives 7,000 calls a year about litter-related incidents, from badger cubs with plastic can holders embedded in their necks to hedgehogs with their heads wedged in empty tins." [Source - Countryfile]


After seeing the #litterheroes campaign, we decided to get involved. Here at Love the Planet, we've started our own litter picking journey - see photo above from one of our ventures! So, where you can, we'd like to encourage you to do the same. While staying safe and respecting all current guidelines, if there is a chance for you to do a bit of litter picking in your home town, tag us in a photo on Instagram (@lovetheplanetuk) and we'll add 400 LTPoints to your account. 

Between the 28th May and 13th June 2021, Keep Britain Tidy will be running The Great British Spring Clean - check out their website here for all the details and Covid guidelines! You can pledge a set number of minutes, which is a brilliant way to kick start your own litter picking journey. Let us know if you've pledged your support!

Have you gone litter picking with your family or a friend in the past? We'd love to hear about your experience, and if littering is something you notice as a real problem in your hometown. Leave a comment below to let us know! And we'd love it if you shared this blog post to spread the word - we want to do as much as we can to support the #litterheroes campaign. What could be better than doing your bit to support the environment AND getting some points to spend on planet friendly beauty products along the way?! 💚🌎


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