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Where are your products made?

Love the Planet was born in Scotland in 2002, and all of our products are made here in the UK. 

Are your products cruelty free?

Yes! All of our products are cruelty free and vegan.

What does “plastic free makeup” mean?

At Love the Planet, we are passionate about the zero waste movement, and wanted to create a range of beauty products that could help our customers embrace their love of makeup, while reducing their plastic consumption and, in turn, their plastic waste. Therefore, our products are “plastic packaging free”, which means they arrive with you in a recyclable, refillable tin or compostable refill pouch (to be decanted into an existing container).

What is the pouch I receive my products made of?

Our pouches are made from paper, starch and cellulose film, which is made from wood fibre, so our plastic free packaging will biodegrade in home compost! This includes the zip lock strip which is made from starch, not plastic. 

What is the best way to transfer my minerals into a container without making a mess?!

We’d recommend that you turn the pouch onto its longest edge and then tap against a surface so that all of the contents settle in one area. Then using a pair of scissors, cut off the entire top of the pouch, including the zip lock. Then gently tip the contents into a clean, dry container. 


Do your products contain MICA, and is it ethically/responsibly sourced?

Our products do contain mica which has been ethically and responsibly sourced without the use of child labour. Please see this document for more details.

Do your products contain palm oil?

No, none of our products contain palm oil. They are also entirely free from parabens.

Can I buy your products in a local store?

Love the Planet is stocked in a number of stores across the UK - if you drop us an email at, or DM us on Instagram (@lovetheplanetuk) with your home town/city, we’d be happy to let you know if there is a store near you which stocks our range. We are always on the lookout for new stockists, so please let us know if you own/shop in a store you think our products would be a good fit for!

How do I become a stockist?

We’re delighted you asked! Hop on over to our TRADE page and fill out our form - we’ll be in touch! You can send any questions to Kent Cosmetics at

How do I know which shade to buy?

Although we are stocked in a number of stores, we are predominantly sold online, which is why we offer sample sizes of our foundation for just £2.25, to allow you to test your shade before committing. If you have any further questions about choosing your shade, however, please don’t hesitate to ask!

I’ve always used liquid foundation and concealer - how do I best apply a mineral powder foundation?

Minerals are really easy to apply. The secret is to use just a tiny amount. Sprinkle a small amount into the tin lid (or a plate) and swirl in your foundation brush. Swirl until the powder has worked its way into the brush and you can’t really see it. Then apply to your face using a buffing motion. You can then build up the coverage until you get the desired effect. 

To apply concealer, use a small brush and apply a tiny amount to the required area. Work into the area lightly and then buff over with your foundation brush to thoroughly blend. 

Is mineral makeup really better for your skin?

Mineral make up contains zinc oxide which is naturally antibacterial. It’s therefore really great for skin that is prone to breakouts. It’s also non-comedogenic so it won’t clog pores. Minerals are also non drying to the skin so they work well on all skin types and ages. 

How much powder should I apply?

When it comes to our powder blushers and eyeshadows - less is more to start with! Our products are extremely pigmented, so start off with a light dusting of powder and build up. The same applies with our foundations, concealers and powder - in this case, build the powder up until you reach your desired level of coverage.

My foundation looks cakey. What have I done wrong?

If your foundation looks cakey, you’re applying too much. Start off by using a tiny amount and build up until you get the coverage you’re looking for. 


The lid of my tin is sometimes sticking when I try to put it back on - any tips?

Absolutely! We recommend giving the edge of your tin a quick wipe over before replacing the lid - this helps to avoid any traces of mineral powder sitting in the grooves! The lid should then glide on easily again.

Are you planning on releasing more shades soon?

Yes. We’re excited to say that we have some new shades in development.

Your products are really affordable - why don’t you charge more?

We have actually been asked this on a few occasions! The way we see it, climate change is impacting on everyone on the planet, and we want to help as many people as possible to start cutting back on their plastic consumption. Because of this, we try to keep our products at as affordable a price as we can.

How often should I replace my muslin rounds?

The muslin rounds and cleansing pads are designed to be used over and over for many years. To keep them looking their best, use once and then rinse immediately under cool water to remove make up residue. Once then whole set has been used, pop them into their draw string wash bag, ready to be washed and used again. Once they reach the end of their life span, they can be disposed off in your compost pile. 

Where can I follow Love the Planet online?

We’d love you to join the LTP gang! You can find us at @lovetheplanetuk on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to give us a follow and say hello in the comments on our latest post!


If your question doesn't appear in the list above, please feel free to email us any time at and ask away!