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Plastic Free Packaging - How Love the Planet's Refillable Makeup Works


Exploring our brand and curious to know just how plastic free our packaging really is? Here at Love the Planet, finding sustainable ways to embrace your love of beauty is our passion. So let's break down why we decided to go down the refillable makeup packaging route, and explore how it works.

Did you know that the beauty industry produces over 142 Billion units of packaging every year?! Pair this staggering number with the fact that 91% of plastic is not recycled, and you can see why we have a problem.

There is a reason the beauty industry thrives through almost all times of uncertainty though. People love to feel good about themselves. Makeup, and other beauty products, provide that joy. So rather than attempt to stamp the industry out, the most important thing we can do is find ways to make it kinder to the planet. Plastic free packaging is a very good place to start.


When I was bringing Love the Planet to life, I noticed that there can often be a feeling of overwhelm which accompanies sustainability. People can feel like their entire lives have to change in order to be "eco friendly", and that can be off putting. I wanted to help bridge that gap, and show our customers that you can be kind to the planet without having to let go of your love of makeup. 

Already vegan and cruelty free, the next logical step for us was to find a zero waste design. Enter plastic free packaging for our refillable mineral makeup products! 

At Love the Planet, a refillable design seemed like the most productive way forward. Initially, we tried to use paper envelopes but they weren’t secure enough to prevent leaks. We wanted to give our customers something secure, and that they'd be proud to display, but without compromising on our brand values in any way. We eventually settled on the tins you see now! Our tins are made of aluminium, and are fully recyclable. Our hope, however, is that the recycling comes way down the track! Here's a step by step breakdown of the LtP packaging process!



STEP ONE: If you aren't sure which foundation shade to go for, we have 2g supersized samples available to buy! These samples are despatched in compostable pouches - which we'll talk more about in step three! Samples are available for foundation and setting powder. Our foundation colour range is still expanding, with new shades due for release later this year.

STEP TWO: Order your first tin! Choose from our range of foundations, concealers, setting powder, blushers and eyeshadows. We also have a Starter Gift Set available if you're looking to kick start your zero waste makeup journey! 

STEP THREE: When you eventually run out of product, pop back on to our website and grab yourself a refill! Our refills come in the same packaging as our samples. These pouches are made from paper, starch and cellulose film, which is made from wood fibre. So this plastic free packaging will biodegrade in home compost! This includes the zip lock strip which is made from starch, not plastic. We use the smallest truly plastic free pouches that are currently available on the market. 

STEP FOUR: You've reduced the plastic in your makeup routine, but what about your cleansing routine? If you're tired of throwing away cotton pads or wipes after one use, we've got you covered. Grab a set of our washable cleansing pads or muslin rounds for environmentally friendly makeup removal!

STEP FIVE: Spread the word! If your friends are curious about zero waste makeup, and looking to reduce the plastic waste in their beauty routine, send them our way. You can follow us on instagram at @lovetheplanetuk!

So there you have it! Our plastic free packaging is refillable, recyclable and compostable. We hope that this post has inspired you to take a look at your own beauty routine! It's amazing, once you start, how much often you'll notice ways to make your makeup bag more planet friendly!

Have you started your zero waste journey? We'd love to know how it's going - leave us a comment below to fill us in!

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